In 2016, I moved to Minneapolis for love! And this move introduced me to the amazing design world of Minneapolis. I joined the Target flagship app team as a designer on the Android app. A few months after joining, Target leadership made the decision to merge the Cartwheel app - a social couponing app led by our Marketing team - into the Flagship app owned the the Product team. This meant teams from two very distinct silos, Product and Marketing, needed to work together to integrate product vision and backend services all while convincing thousands of Cartwheel users to abandon their beloved Cartwheel app for the Target app.

The Cartwheel app's initial strategy was to use social media login - Facebook and Google login - to get users to login in quickly and be able to share their couponing activity with their social media followers. The Target app only used the Target login, services built and maintained only by Target.


We were faced with the problem of do we migrate social media logins over - only having people's email address or phone number and no other data or do we design a flow for Cartwheel users to create a Target login if they only use social login.

How do we get them to create a Target login?
How do we migrate their data from their social login on Cartwheel services dBs to Target profile dBs?
Do we merge their social account with Cartwheel and an existing login?